How to meet with Jesus






How to Meet with Jesus.

Welcome everyone visiting this page.I just want to encourage everyone of you that you are loved by God in a personal and special way.I’ll like to tell you my life story to let you know how I met with Jesus and in so doing introduce you to him as well.
My background and story of heartache
My name is Ella Onakoya. A year after I was born in England,my parents moved back to Nigeria with myself and my siblings.As a child,I grew up in a religious home where we went to church faithfully on Sundays but I had no personal relationship with Jesus in my heart.I felt something was missing but did not really know how to meet Jesus.God proved to be faithful and would use even the very circumstances of my life to meet with him.My personal circumstances then was one of intense pain where I was bullied regularly in my primary school and later on in my secondary school.The bullying consisted of being beaten up and mentally abused constanstly by other kids.I became very depressed and suffered from a deep mental anguish which caused me to even start self harming myself.I also became suicidal and planned once to take my life by taking pills.
My sister explains to me how to meet with Jesus
However, a turning point came in my life at age 15 when my older sister shared with me how she met with Jesus.She explained to me that Jesus wants a personal relationship with every one and the only thing that separates us from this relationship is the sin within us.As you all know, no one is perfect  and at some point we have sinned in word, thought or deed but Jesus came to die for us so that we can be saved from our sin and if we believe in him and repent of our sins,he will forgive us and if we ask him and welcome him into our hearts,he will come in and save us and give us a new life in him without guilt or condemnation.This was good news for me.I was a bit fearful to believe it but I decided to give it a go.I went into my room,knelt by my bed and began to pray,inviting Jesus in my heart and asking him to forgive my sins and be my lord and saviour.As soon as I did this,his love flooded my heart and I felt his glorious prescence in my room.I felt completely loved,saved and forgiven and in my heart,I felt such love that I even forgave my abusers.
How you can meet with Jesus and praying the salvation prayer.
If you are reading this now and you feel a tug in your heart to give your heart to Jesus.Like me,you might have grown up in a religious home but never had a personal relationship with Jesus.You might have suffered abuse or even have been the one who abused others and have done a lot of harm.If you are willing to turn from your sins and believe in Jesus as your only lord and saviour,here’s what you need to do:
Pray this prayer from the heart: God,I accept that I am a sinner needing forgiveness and salvation.I ask you to please forgive me all my sins in the name of Jesus who died  for me.I ask you Jesus to come into my heart and my life.I need you as my personal saviour so I ask that you become my saviour  and  my lord.I also forgive all who have hurt me.Thank you Jesus for being the lord of my life.
If you have truly said this prayer from your heart,then Jesus is truly living inside you and has given you a new nature of love and righteousness and has written your name in the book of life in heaven.So what next!
To help you with your new journey as a follower of Jesus Christ,it’s wonderful to get to know him by getting a bible to read and study.The bible gives so much direction for our daily life.
Talk to God often in prayer praying to his son Jesus Christ.If you’re in London,there’s a couple of churches I’ll like to recommend to you that could help you in your christian walk.Please visit the link below to contact them:
Wherever you are located,you could also contact this webchurch
These are all great places or resources that could help you greatly in your walk with God as a christian and that can allow you fellowship with other believers too.
If you will like us to find you a church outside of these lists mentioned,please feel free to contact us on and we’ll do our best to help you.Also,if you are in need of prayer,you can also post your prayer requests on this email and our prayer team will be happy to pray for your needs.