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Harvest of the Nations School of Deliverance and Prayer: Starting Saturday 3rd December 2022!
Exciting news! Harvest of the Nations has successfully launched or completed 11 online schools of ministry in 2020 – 2022. On Saturday 3rd December 2022 we will start the School of Deliverance and Prayer. This school is an 8 weeks school for 8 Saturdays on these dates Saturdays December 3rd, December 17th, January 7th 2023, 14th, 21st and 28th, February 4th and 11th.
This is a school for believers of all levels of Spiritual growth including Pastors and leaders who wants to be equipped in supernatural deliverance, dynamic prayer strategies that will bring transformation in lives, the church and nations. Come and be equipped in an atmosphere of the glory of God!
Harvest of the Nations ministry has had many successful years of teaching at bible schools and church equipping schools where pastors, leaders and many believers from all over the world had been activated and released deeper into their destiny and calling. The online school has also proven to be successful in releasing the students who have graduated into a powerful walk of revival, prophetic maturity and deep intimacy with Jesus in their daily lives.
These are some of the topics that will be taught in the Schools of Deliverance and the School of Prayer:
  • School of Deliverance
    1. Foundational principles to having a healthy Soul-
    • -Inner healing through the ministry of the Holy Spirit
    • – Learn how to have healthy emotions just like Jesus did
    • -Guarding our eye and ear gates from defilement
    • Understanding and walking in the revelation of the cross
    •  Understanding the enemy and how he works
    • Keys to overcoming the war that wages against the soul
    • How to maintain a lifestyle of intimacy and worship
    •  How to minister healing and deliverance for depression, anxiety and mental illness
    • How to minister deliverance to a saved person versus an unsaved person
    • Spontaneous deliverance in the Glory
    • Dealing with the Spirit of witchcraft, python Spirit and other oppressive spirits


    2.   Illnesses
    How to discern, deal with and heal demonically inspired illnesses
    3. Self Deliverance
    4.   Learn how to walk in the anointing to break curses
    • Satanic curses
    • Hexes and spells
    • Spells that are released to hinder the spread of the gospel and your assignment
    • Curses on homes and lands
    • Cursed objects in homes
    • Generational curses of sicknesses
    • Self imposed curses
    5.Empowered to break the bondages of Sin, bondages and addictions
    6. Growing in the anointing for deliverance and dealing with difficult situations.
    School of Prayer
    • The dynamics of prayer- Scriptural protocols and Postures of Prayer
    • The authority of the believer and their priestly role in prayer
    • Types of Prayer – The prayer of faith
     -Prayer of consecration
     -Prayer of commitment
     -Prayer of worship,
    -Prayer of agreement
    -Prayer in the spirit
    -The prayer of supplication
    -Intercessory prayer.
    • Timing and Rhythm of prayer- Understanding the watches of prayer and how to pray in rhythm with heaven’s heartbeat
    • Garments and mantles for the praying believer
    • Spiritual warfare:
    Knowing your enemy- understanding the nature and strategies of Spiritual forces of wickedness
    • Keys to overcoming in Spiritual warfare
    • Learn to walk in victory in your prayer Assignments
    • Fasting – Types and benefits for the praying believer
    • Prayers for revival and the Harvest
     The fee for the school is 120 pounds which includes all the live sessions of the schools, the MP4 recordings of the live school after each school session and one on personal mentoring with me as needed outside of the live school sessions.
The school fee 120 pounds (in US dollars this will be approximately be about 135 dollars, please note that dollar rate can change daily so please take this into consideration when making the fee amount for the school for 120 British pounds. We do have a UK registered paypal account that takes the payment in British pounds although the fee you pay will leave your account in your country currency). To prepare for the school, please read my book Empowered by the Anointing, a healing and Deliverance book that is available on amazon.
An online Certificate of Completion will be given to those who complete the course!
To register, please click on the donate link below to pay the fee of 120 pounds (the equivalent amount in your country currency will be automatically debited from your account). When making the payment, please make a note on paypal that it is for ‘school of ministry’   Once payment is made, we will  send you an email  to welcome you as a student of the Harvest of the Nations School of Ministry and send you your zoom meeting details to join the school!
We look forward to having you! ( Please use the donate button below to pay through Paypal)


If you do not have Paypal and you wish to pay for the school, please email us at or so we can email you with a link to make your payment with your credit/debit card or send you our bank details to transfer the money for the school of ministry.



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What some students are saying about the Harvest of the Nations school of Ministry
Thank you so much Ella for your obedience to Jesus. You stepping out and starting the online classes are blessing and preparing many for Kingdom work. It’s my 3rd time taking classes with you…I’ve experienced a Realignment with my FIRST love. Ooooh how I missed the simplicity and child like faith in Jesus without all the noise. I can go on and on…on how your classes have blessed and set me free…The walls of intimidation and fear are being torn down and the Holy Spirit is having His way…My Personal Trainer, My Best Friend….HE’S tough sometimes but it’s so sweet and rewarding. He’s teaching me how to just obey HIM and move…. to accept and embrace all of who I am in Christ…along with my differences, bumps, bruises and limps for the glory of Jesus. I praise God for answering my prayers and sending you to me in THIS season. Bless you Ella❤.
Tasha Quigley
New York
Dear Ella ❤ Thank you for the gift of such a blessed time in the tangible presence of God during our session today. Your delivery was amazing and the Holy Spirit accomplished so much in us who were simply hungry to go deeper in the Lord and the power of His Spirit. The teaching you presented today was On Time for such a time we live in . The Prophetic evanglism and salvation all wrapped in the power of the preaching of the cross of Jesus …. Can’t wait for what is next. Love to you
Maryam Zaidat
Apostolic Prophet South Dakota

I want to share my appreciation for a particular gift

Ella Onakoya

. You are a precious GIFT to the body and I am extremely grateful to God for allowing me to be like Jacob in Gen 28:11 “to fall upon a certain place”.I was led by the Holy Spirit to find you on Facebook.  You are greatly appreciated and highly esteemed mighty woman of God. I gleaned so much from the class as we gathered to hear what The Father expressed through  The Harvest School for the Nations. It has always been my intention even after years of ministry to remain teachable. Certainly the presence of God was in our midst. It was great to have met many other believers from around the world. Most of all God was magnified as you preached the kingdom of God, and taught those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you and God bless the class participants.
Thank you

Apostle Martin Griffin

Ohio, USA

Praise the Lord and thank you

! The just concluded 6 week Harvest of the nations ministry school was such an amazing experience. So much was deposited in participants from all over the world by the Lord as you ministered with powerful teachings and impartations for healing, evangelism and the prophetic. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this and also to lead in worship. Furthermore, your books Spirit-led Evangelism and Empowered by the Anointing are filled with such life changing testimonies and teachings for equipping every saint to function in ministry and in the supernatural!

Carol Hull- Jackson
Worship Leader, Pastoral Ministry
This school has been such a blessing! I have learned so much, and I have gained confidence that I knew I needed to step into the call upon my life. Our growth and personal well being was obviously very important to you. You took the time to call your students to see how we were doing, encourage us, and mentor us. I appreciate and thank you so much, Ella!
Kathy Gaines
Louisiana, USA
Every minute was full of life. Thank you, Ella, for teaching, encouraging & sharing with such enthusiasm & love. Anointed worship too.It’s been wonderful to join with brothers & sisters from several nations who are on fire for Jesus. I want to see people saved & transformed by Jesus in my area – as is the vision of my local church.
Alison Sleggs
United Kingdom
I just want to thank you for the harvest of the nations school of ministry you host recently, It was really amazing. I love your style of teaching with lots of practical examples on how to be led by the Holy Spirit and make more disciples. May God continue blessing you and your ministry.
Angella Paul
New York, USA

Some of our past students of the Harvest of the Nations Online School of Ministry

Harvest of the Nations Online School of Ministry
School of Ministry
School of Ministry